Hunting and Fishing are now a constitutional right in Utah


Salt Lake City, Utah (USA Today) - On Tuesday, Utah had seven Constitutional Amendments on the ballot. One of them, Constitutional Amendment E, established hunting and fishing as a constitutional right. It passed with 74 percent in favor.

Other states like Minnesota, Vermont, and Alabama have implemented provisions like this in the past.

The amendment also acts as the preferred way of conservation and managing wildlife. One lawmaker stated that he was concerned that hunters and fishers would become more of a minority then they already are and this amendment would help protect a way of life.

Opponents of the amendment believe it takes science out of conservation. However, supporters note that fishing and hunting help with funding for conservation in the form of permits and licenses.

According to the Salt Lake Tribune, Representative Casey Snider states, “As people, I think, get more removed from where their food comes from, the pressure to do away with [hunting and fishing] entirely increases.”