Idaho Farm Bureau suggests buying meat straight from ranchers

The Idaho Farm Bureau has some proposals on the table to support the ranching community. The organization says that one popular idea is allowing consumers to buy meat directly from the ranchers.

One option would be creating a state led meat inspection system based on the federal model.

According to Lori Anne Lau, “This would create another avenue for us to have our meat processed. It does create the option for in state sales of inspected meat. States like Wyoming and Utah and many other states have this, and they’ve found it to be quite beneficial to their ranchers, so we anticipate it would be for us as well.”

The Idaho Farm Bureau says that it will look to AFBF for more support as it tries to find a system that is safe for consumers but avoids some restrictions of the federal rule. Federal inspectors must have their own office and private bathroom, which some smaller operations may not be able to accommodate.