Idaho farm gave away potatoes for free so the wouldn’t go to waste


Many businesses are dealing with the COVID-19 outbreak and are being faced with difficult decisions.

Many farmers across the country are having to decide what to do with all of the crops they can’t use.

Many have been forced to throw the crops away.

As 12 News reports, Cranney Farms has thousands of potatoes they were expecting to sell, but now things are very different.

“I didn’t really have a market for those potatoes, it’s something I would have had to dump or go to like cattle feed,” Ryan Cranney, CEO of Cranney Farms told 12 News.

The farm decided to give the potatoes away for free instead of dumping them, posting on Facebook, “free potatoes.”

While this situation is extremely tough for operations like Cranney farms, Ryan Cranney says it is encouraging to see people coming together, like at his now-famous Idaho potato pile.

“A lot of the people there were not necessarily gathering for themselves, but they were gathering for someone else and going and delivering those to friends, neighbors, someone they know is struggling,” Cranney said.