In the Mood for a Summer Road Trip?

Country singer-songwriter Stephanie Quayle is ready for summer with her new video, “Winnebago.” Wearing poured-into cut-off shorts, cowboy boots and a brightly colored top, the Montana native stands out amidst the collection of summer-themed props. Lawn chairs, pool floaties, tiki torches and several plastic pink flamingoes crowd the corner of the Nashville KOA campground.

“This is extremely nostalgic you know? It takes me right back,” Quayle says. As a kid, she made annual trips from Montana to Minnesota with her grandparents. Those childhood memories included stops at similar RV campgrounds. “I forgot how community-driven it is. It’s just such a friendly environment here at the KOA. You instantly have these friends and family around that you didn’t have before.”

“Winnebago” is a light-hearted, fun song about hitting the open road - something Quayle is looking forward to with her summer tour. “I rarely get to go see our country so what’s going to be so fun about this – not only are we going to be playing shows all over the place but we will also get to see America first hand!”

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“I’ve never been to the Hoover Dam,” Quayle confesses. “I’ve been to Mt. Rushmore when I was teenie-tiny and I’ve been near the Golden Gate. I’ve never been to the Empire State. Taking a Polaroid under Mt. Rushmore, that I have not done. So it will be really cool to actually go and take this song as literally as possible. And just go live it.”

Quayle’s enthusiasm for the tour is evident and infectious. The more she talks about exploring America, the more you want to ask if there’s room in the Winnebago for one more."I love to be on the move. I love to see things. I’m curious. I think there’s something really wonderful about being curious because you never know who you are going to meet or what you are going to run into. I love people. I love finding out how they got to where they are and in the RV world, there are some people at this KOA right now, that this is their life. This isn’t like a week out of the summer. They sold their house and this is their new way and they are going to experiencing life. And I think that’s really special .”

Fans can follow along on the tour by visiting Stephanie Quayle’s Instagram, Facebook and Twitter handles. Check out photos from the tour and her video shoot.