“Independence Day Surprise” Catfish

Wade Kaminiski and 112 lb. catfish

July 7, 2020

Wade Kaminski, of St. Charles, MO, got more than he probably expected on a July 3 fishing trip on the Mississippi River at St. Louis. The fisherman initially thought that he had snagged his line, but subsequent movement convinced him that some large creature or other had taken the bait and was hooked. After fighting with it for about eight minutes, he finally managed to get the monster catfish into the boat. The monster weighed in at 112 lbs., just 18 lbs. shy of the state record.

Kaminski posted on Instagram:
“We’re going to need a bigger boat! 112lb Mississippi River bluecat. This is the fish I’ve been chasing for years and I’m proud to call her my new personal best!”

Kaminski reportedly released the catfish after measuring, weighing and posing with it for photographs.