Indoor shrimp farming is making waves

Indoor shrimp farming is a phenomenon that has captured the attention of many Americans and is gaining momentum across the United States. Purdue Extension reports on how farmers can now raise shrimp practically anywhere.

Karlaena Brown is the co-owner of RDM Shrimp. They raise marine shrimp roughly 600 miles from the ocean.

They purchase shrimp post-larvae, or PL, from U.S. hatcheries. “Right now, we get about 100,000 PLs every month and we sell about 70 percent to the other shrimp farmers. The rest we keep for ourselves,” Brown states.

Once they arrive on the farm, it takes about five months for the PLs to grow to market size. She states that as long as the water quality is up to standard the shrimp will grow normally.

According to Darryl Brown, “What we do is, we create a bacterial ecosystem inside of our tanks, and by monitoring and testing that system we maintain that bacterial ecosystem. That’s what takes care of our shrimp. So we do a lot of testing...”

Because they are raised in a controlled, sustainable environment, RDM’s product is guaranteed fresh and healthy.