Insect-based food may be best option for your pets, Vets say


According to the British Veterinarian Association, there is something better than meat-based foods to serve your dogs and cats.

The BVA says insect-based pet food may be better for your animal than prime steak and it is also better for the environment.

“There’s a really exciting future for the use of insect protein for companion animals. It’s a fantastic opportunity – looking at insects to provide alternative sources of some of the nutrient ingredients we use in pet food diets,” Simon Doherty, the BVA president, told BBC News.

As for nutrition, the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organisation, says the nutritional value of insects does not differ from the nutritional value of other meat sources such as chicken, beef, pork and fish.

Pets currently consume about 20 percent of the world’s meat and fish.