Investing in the future of soy

Soy Checkoff farmer-leaders are setting a strong course for the future of U.S. soy.

In a record year of hardship and uncertainty, the Soy Checkoff has committed to focusing on the future. The United Soybean Board’s 78 farmer-leaders have approved new projects to increase innovation, resilience, and profitability for U.S. soybean farmers in 2021 and beyond.

The whole point of VCF (Value Creation Framework)... is about creating value for farmers by getting creative projects by driving innovation and by making Soy Checkoff farmer investments matter for the farmer’s bottom line,” United Soybean Board’s CEO Polly Ruhland said.

The board considered more than 100 proposals focused on increasing the value of U.S. soybeans any paving the way for new demand.

These projects range from promoting the sustainability of U.S. soy as a market differentiators to developing new industrial uses for soybean oil.

“Finding new markets, new customers, new uses research, communication, it all fits together like well-oiled gears and helps drive the Checkoff towards strategic output,” Ruhland said.