It is official, Fat Bear Week is underway


What are you doing to celebrate ‘Fat Bear Week?’

The annual competition asks voters which brown bear at the Katmai National Park in Alaska has put on the most weight before winter. That bear will be officially crowned “2021’s Fattest Bear”.

This March Madness, single-elimination competition is very simple. The bear with the most votes, wins. Every day the public can go online and vote until the final day which is October 5th.

The tournament first started back in 2014. Park ranger Andrew Lavalle told CBS News back in 2018, “A fat bear is a health bear, and it’s something to celebrate.”

He goes on to state that brown bears have to eat a year’s worth of food in just six months to be ready for hibernation and the winter season.

To vote click HERE.

To check out the live cam, click HERE.