It is time to service grain carts and dryers as harvest is underway

As harvest gets underway, it is a good time to examine and service those grain carts and dryers.

DTN has put together an inspection checklist. Producers should do a driveline inspection, of gearboxes, hoses, and connectors. They should also check the augers for wear because over time they can be less efficient, and check and lubricate all serviceable parts. If their gearbox runs by chains, they should inspect those and replace if needed.

AGCO Grain says the best thing you could do before firing up the grain dryer is to have a complete pre-season check by the dealer. Producers should always remember safety first when doing maintenance and to lock out all electrical components, and do not perform any repairs they are not trained to do. They should also ensure columns are clear from debris, especially bird nests, and frequently inspect.


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