Jeremy Smith is a master sculptor

Most of us have our pumpkins picked out and maybe even carved them. As the Georgia Farm Monitor shows us, for one artist, this time of year and carving takes on a whole new meaning.

It does not matter if it is a tree, a pumpkin, a watermelon or even a raw potato, Jeremy Smith can sculpt anything into a work of art.

Smith was tired of carving pumpkins because they eventually rot. So one day, he bought a dremel and used a piece of firewood and created a $1,000 dollar work of art.

From there he did not stop. He invested that money into a chainsaw and safety equipment so he could start going bigger.

It has not always been smooth sculpting for Smith. Back in May of 2012, he was able to kick an addiction that consumed his life for years. By the end of that same year, he picked up the hobby as a form of therapy.

Smith states, “Honestly, after I carved that first pumpkin... I knew that if I kept carving good things would happen, and for some reason I was right.”