Kansas Senator on the issues driving the rural vote

Rural voters are hitting the polls to make their voices heard this Election Day. As speculation looms over the results, advocates continue to highlight the main issues that will impact the ag industry.

Senator Jerry Moran of Kansas speaks with RFD-TV’s own Christina Loren on what the main issues are that are driving the rural vote and how the result of the elections will affect agriculture, as well as the legacy of Dr. Barry Flinchbaugh.

“I think what rural voters are paying attention to there’s somebody who is a voice for them. It’s easy for us to recognize that we don’t always have our way understood. There’s not enough of us who are from rural America who are members of Congress and we certainly want a President who understands us and defends the way that we see the world,” the Senator states. “I think from an agricultural point of view, the regulatory environment would be something that farmers and ranchers are looking at when they’re determining who to vote for...”

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