Keeping ethanol as an option as electric cars become more popular

The Biden administration is pushing for electric over ethanol-powered vehicles, but both face several challenges. Some of those seem to conflict with each other.

Biofuel groups say that it will take several decades for electric vehicles to become the norm, especially since they are dependent on a vast network of recharging stations.

The Renewable Fuels Association says that ethanol and electric vehicles do not necessarily have to compete against each other.

“Imagine a vehicle that combines plug-in hybrid technology with flex-fuel technology. So, we have a vehicle that can run on both of those platforms-- electric and liquid fuel. It extends the range, so we don’t have that range issue for the consumer, and when they go to liquid fuel, they have the opportunity to use E85,” RFA’s Troy Bredenkamp states.

RFA says that considering the carbon capture in planted soil, corn ethanol could be the only fuel with a carbon-negative footprint.


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