Label Law Limbo: As some states get approval for lab produced chicken, others are tightening conditions

As the USDA approves more companies to sell lab produced chicken, more states are tightening label laws.

The department approved a few California businesses to do so and they have to label their products as “cell cultivated chicken.” In Texas, those products now have to include the term “cell cultured” or “lab grown” on the package near the name of the product and it has to be in the same size as the text around it.

The Lone Star State is not alone in this venture as many other states have enacted similar laws including Arkansas, Kentucky, and South Dakota.

Sales of those plant based protein items have jumped back up to pre-pandemic levels.

The Good Food Institution found sales volume reached 60 million pounds, totaling $304 million dollars last year. In 2019, 61 million pounds were sold with sales at $282 million dollars. Sales dropped to 48 million pounds during the pandemic.

Even with the uptick though, only 10 percent of U.S. consumers are purchasing these products.