Last Chance ERA Qualifier


Saddle Bronc riding is rodeo’s classic event. As in Bareback, it’s an 8-second contest. The cowboy must keep both feet in the stirrups, one hand on the bronc reign and one hand in the air. The cowboy’s free hand cannot touch the animal, the equipment or himself. That would mean disqualification. The horse is judged by the degree of difficulty he provides for the cowboy with a maximum of 50 points, as mentioned above. The cowboy is judged on style, control, and length of to-and-fro spur stroke. A good score in saddle bronc would be in the low-80s, mid-high 80s is great, and an excellent score would be in the 90s.

Last Chance ERA Qualifier - November 10, 2016 in Ft. Worth, TX
1Steven Dent
2Cole Elshere
3Will Smith