Latest Tik Tok videos saying NE farmers are paid to destroy crops are false

You have always heard “don’t believe everything you see on the internet” and that saying still rings true now on Tik Tok for consumers.

The latest video says that Nebraska farmers are being paid to destroy their corn crop. The Director of the Nebraska Department of Agriculture says that this is not only false, but it can also damage consumer trust.

“I think it’s just a good reminder for us to not always believe what we see on social media, and farmers and ranchers have been working hard to build trusting relationships with consumers for quite some time and then videos of this type that contain scare tactics and false information are really counter to building that consumer competence and trust,” Steve Wellman explains.

He adds that if farmers and ranchers feel comfortable, they can engage on social media to show the facts because the ag industry has nothing to be ashamed of.


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