Lawmakers are looking for a Build Back Better compromise

Lawmakers are back in Washington this week working on a compromise for President Biden’s Build Back Better spending plan.

They have a self imposed deadline of October 31st, which is when federal highway funding runs out and a climate conference begins in Scotland.

The President has admitted he may not get the full $3.5 trillion dollars he called for, as bill writers work to cut spending.

Agriculture and conservation groups are lobbying Democrats to keep the more than $90 billion in ag spending that was originally in the bill. Progressives in the House are blocking the bipartisan infrastructure bill until this spending package passes.

One poll shows that the Build Back Better spending package is more popular in rural America than the President is.

The One Country Project shows that 47 percent of rural voters support the plan, but a similar percentage says that it costs too much.

Meanwhile, only 42 percent of rural voters approve of the job President Biden is doing.


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