Learn the Layers of the Vidalia Onion!

A fan favorite is returning soon to the produce aisle and there may be some things you do not know about the Vidalia Onion.

Did you know it does not make you cry? In fact, the onion is grown in soil that is low in sulfur, which is what gives it that sweet taste.

Growers explain how the Vidalia differs from other sweet onions.

“The difference is Vidalia Onions are only grown in Georgia. They grow in 20 counties. Anything that’s grown outside of that region cannot be called a Vidalia Onion according to our federal marketing order.”

The Vidalia Onion Committee says if producers try to counterfeit the onions, they will be fined.


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Keeping the Vidalia onion standard

Vidalia onions made it through a rough winter and are now ready to be enjoyed