Linking veterans to ag jobs

Lawmakers across the country have partnered with agriculture groups to develop farm labor programs and help veterans who need work and farmers who need helping hands.

In Arkansas, farm groups have partnered with lawmakers to help furloughed or unemployed members of the military find on-the-farm jobs.

Arkansas Congressman Rick Crawford says that the two groups make a great pair.

“Typically you know, your military veteran, National Guard, reserves, they typically have a strong work ethic and typically are trained, and may even posses the skill set that’s readily transferable to the farm,” he said.

Other states, like Illinois, have created a website for its state program. Farmers can submit a job posting to the website, while veterans can browse the employment opportunities.

Rep. Mike Bost says that the coronavirus sparked the launch of the program, but he is optimistic it will last longer than the pandemic.

“This is a way to join the two of them together,” he said. “We’re hoping that this can be a valuable resource and continue not only now dealing with COVID-19, but on into the future as well.”

Illinois and Arkansas are not the only states with this type of program. To see if your area has a similar effort available, check with you state Farm Bureau for more information.

To check out Arkansas’ Farm Bureau Facebook page, click HERE.

For more information on Illinois’ program, click HERE.