Louisiana Congressman: Farmers Need More Federal Aid

Farmers need more relief from the federal government. That’s the opinion of one Louisiana Representative.

Ralph Abraham serves on the House Ag Committee and says the previous market facilitation program payments ave been a god-send – however, he thinks more aid is needed.

“China is slowwalking or reneging on what they are supposed to buy in 2020,” Abraham explains. “With China not ponying up, we are left holding bag with no money. And farmers are on the line for credit, and they need some money in their pockets.”

Abraham says he doesn’t know just how much it will take to make another round of payments effective. “We are assembling numbers and will take a bit,” he says. But he also emphasized that America’s farmers play a crucial role, not only for this nation, but for the world: “We need to make sure farmers are bankable next year so they can go with a balance sheet and will be able to repay loans. It will be a bit of money. Our farmers feed the world and are a major part of national economy. We cannot fail and we cannot let them down.”