Meet American Century Investments

May 2, 2017

RFD-TV’s RURAL AMERICA LIVE introduced viewers to American Century Investments during Monday night’s show. Headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri, American Century Investments is a leading asset manager focused on delivering investment results and building long-term relationships for nearly 60 years.

American Century Investment’s CEO Jonathan Thomas joined RFD-TV president and founder Patrick Gottsch on set to discuss the company’s values and their approach to asset management. Watch the clip above to find out more about American Century Investments.

Jay Hummel, American Century’s senior vice president of direct sales and service, was also in the studio to give insight into investing options for rural Americans. During the hour-long program, Hummel addressed several investing topics as viewers called in from across the U.S.

Whether you hope to retire soon or work as long as you can, you still need a plan for expenses—like healthcare and taxes —that Medicare and Social Security may not cover. These costs can rise, potentially chipping away the legacy you hope to leave.

Watch the clip below to hear Hummel address topics such as short-term investing, investing when your business cash flow is seasonal and hear about one of the biggest mistakes people make when saving for retirement.

Contact American Century Investments now to start planning your financial future. Visit their website or call and speak to one of their planners toll-free at 1-844-667-3388.