Meet Ghost, Space Force’s new horse


Space Force has a new member.

On Thursday, the 30th Space Wing of the U.S. Space Force shared a video introducing its newest Military Working Horse, Ghost.

Ghost is a 5-year-old former wild mustang that the agency got through the Bureau of Land Management. SSgt Michael Terrazas, the Miltary Working Horse Program Manager, says the agency wants all of its horses to be BLM mustangs, an idea that has been adopted by the New York Police Department and U.S. Border Patrol.

Ghost is part of the Conservation Military Working Horse and will help Space Force’s 30th Space Wing monitor Vandenberg Air Force base that are difficult to reach by foot or vehicle.

Currently, Ghost is working with a trainer three times a week to get him up to speed on the rigors of being a military horse. Ghost is one of five horses in the Conservation programs and is about 10 years younger than the others.