Mexico is set to vote on importing U.S. potatoes

Mexico’s Supreme Court will decide today if the country will import fresh U.S. potatoes. They will vote to reserve a 2017 rule that blocked the imports to most of the country.

U.S. growers argue that the rule is breaking a deal the two made decades ago. Mexico agreed to buy more American potatoes in exchange for avocado sales.

Today, the spuds are only sent to a small section of Mexico.

According to Kam Quarles, the CEO of the National Potato Council, “There’s no scientific reason why that 26-kilometer area exists. It was really a way for, I think, the officials at the time to say, we’re dealing with this very difficult trade issue with the United States, but we’re also protecting our industry from the competition that they fear.”

He says that it will take a majority vote to overturn the rule. If they do, U.S. potato sales to Mexico could triple up to $200 million dollars.