Michigan hunter saves two bucks with antlers tangled

Screenshot via Facebook/Lisa Posthumus Lyons

A group of Michigan hunters stepped in to aid two bucks were had their antlers stuck together earlier this month.

It took a crew of five hunters total to get the pair of bucks free and they did so by using a tree limb to cut the antlers apart as the animals aggressively splashed around in a creek.

“What a once in a lifetime opportunity, to witness up close and in person how powerful and magnificent these wild animals are. All five of us there are hunters; we knew how dangerous that situation was for the deer and for us, but we knew if we didn’t take action, neither would survive,” Lisa Posthuman Lyons posted on Facebook. “If I see either one of these bucks from my stand tomorrow during opening day of gun season, I’m just going to let them pass by!”

Lyons’ husband Brad was the one who was able to get the bucks free.

“They were helpless in the situation they were in, they couldn’t help themselves, so this was our chance to make a difference that day,” he told WTHR.