Mountain lion kills pastured horse in Idaho


HAILEY, Idaho (AP) - Wildlife officials in Idaho have said a mountain lion attacked and killed a horse this weekend while it was pastured.

Idaho Department of Fish and Game officers investigated and confirmed the mare was killed Sunday morning in a pasture in the Red Elephant Gulch region of Croy Canyon, just west of Hailey.

“They bite the back of the neck and just crush the spine,” department Regional Communications Manager Terry Thompson said. “They do the same thing as they would with a deer or an elk.”

A necropsy showed how the lion took down the much larger animal.

Traps have been set to try and find the mountain lion responsible for the attack, officials said.

Department officials have urged residents to keep an eye out for wildlife and never run or turn away from a mountain lion.

“When you live in mountain lion country you have to always remain vigilant and be aware and just know how to react safely,” Thompson said. “We’ve been very lucky we haven’t had any attacks on people.”