Mr. Peanut will not be attending this year’s Super Bowl


As the Super Bowl approaches, many are wondering what commercials will stand out. Some may remember last year’s Planters Peanuts commercial where Mr. Peanut passed away only to come back as Baby Nut.

So, what will Mr. Peanut be up to this year? Well, he will not be attending the game.

In place of running a commercial during the game, the company will be donating the $5 million dollars to individuals who have made a positive difference.

“We’re trying to shift from talking... on a sporadic basis [around] big moments, to moving towards interacting every day about what we care about. For us, that means reorienting our marketing team to focus on agility, to think about how we can generate more meaningful content that gets connected to our consumers in more creative ways. And most importantly, around moments that matter to the consumers,” Sanjiv Gajiwala, Kraft Heinz’s U.S. Chief Growth Officer, stated, according to CNBC

Planters will either give out the donations as a reward for a person’s actions or to help in the person’s charitable actions.

Story via Megan Graham at CNBC