National 4-H Week draws to a close

This week we have been celebrating National 4-H Week, which is America’s largest youth development organization.

It boasts nearly 6,000,000 members led by a team of volunteers through the cooperative extension service. The program offers learning opportunities in the realm of food and ag, and even county fair livestock shows.

One supporter says that it also includes science, technology, and engineering opportunities as the ag industry expands.

“So, maybe it’s a young person learning how to build and fly a drone. Maybe it is an experiential club to start on a project that addresses issues related to climate change, and maybe it’s that young person in the neighborhood where they recognize that there are food deserts or food insecurity amongst some of their residents to step up, to start community gardens or other programs that are going to bring fresh and nutritious food to those adults,” National Institute of Food and Agriculture’s Brent Elrod states.

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