NC veteran continuing his service to his community by opening up his own farm

With the help of the Farmer Veteran Coalition, Davon Goodwin, a U.S. Army veteran, has been able to start his own farm.

Goodwin studied biology and botany in school with dreams of pursuing a Masters degree and traveling the world. In 2010, when he was serving in Afghanistan, those dreams were shattered when his vehicle hit a roadside bomb. The accident left him with brain and spine injuries.

While healing from his injuries, he met two doctors who were looking for a new farm manager for their 500-acre farm. This is where Goodwin got his start in farming. He would go on to open up his own produce business, OTL Farms, and has a vision of a u-pick operation to help give back to the community.

According to Goodwin, “Military service and agriculture go hand-in-hand. It’s the same discipline, the same persistence, the same commitment to your community that a soldier has, that a farmer has as well.”

For more information on the new North Carolina chapter, click HERE.