NCBA launches grassroots #BenefitsofBeef campaign


The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association launched its #BenefitsofBeef campaign Wednesday to help cattle producers submit public comment to support federal dietary guidelines that show the value of beef in a healthy diet.

The Dietary Guidelines for Americans are released every five years and provide all Americans a science-based blueprint on how to eat healthier. The 2020 edition was first released earlier this month and met with praise from the NCBA.

“Cattle and beef producers appreciate the evidence-based recommendations of the DGAC. We believe beef is a wholesome, nutritious food that plays an important role in a healthy diet and we are supportive of many of the committee’s findings,” said NCBA CEO Colin Woodall on July 16. “NCBA and its members have made this work a priority for more than two years, and we’re pleased that the report reinforces the strong science which supports beef’s nutritional value in a healthy diet.”

According to a Wednesday press release, one of the beef communities longstanding priorities was to protect the scientific credibility of the Dietary Guidelines and show accurate information about the role of beef in a healthy diet. The NCBA is happy with results, but is wary of anti-meat advocates downplaying the importance of beef.

The NCBA will reach out to the public via email, text message and social media. The campaign will last until Aug. 13.

“Study after study shows that beef plays an important role in a balanced, healthy diet across the lifespan,” said NCBA President Marty Smith. “NCBA has made it a priority to protect the scientific credibility of Dietary Guidelines and promote accurate information about the nutritional advantages of beef as part of a balanced diet........The science is on our side when it comes to the #BenefitsofBeef. We’re now in the home stretch of this process.”

The NCBA will generate public comments by reaching out to cattle producers via e-mail blast, text messages, social media, and earned media between now and Aug. 13. Producers can also file comments by clicking here.