NCBA Returns from UK Trade Mission, Say They Know What Is Hindering Deals

The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association recently returned from a trade mission in the United Kingdom. Members say they came back with a clear understanding of what is standing in the way of lucrative deals for U.S. farmers.

NCBA President, Don Schiefelbein, says a trade deal with the United Kingdom is key to exporting more high quality U.S. beef overseas and increasing carcass value, but the United States is the one standing in the way of that opportunity for beef producers.

“UK really, really, really wants a trade agreement with the United States. The one horse holding it back is the United States. And when you look at the delay in which we approach things, we don’t even have an ag trade person right now to go over and head things up, so, we’re kind of in this loop of holding.”

Scheifelbein says part of the hold-up is the two countries working out the final post-Brexit trade rules, but he thinks there are some reluctance by the White House to pursue these deals affecting both sides. The U.S. Trade Ambassador addressed the issue last week to lawmakers.

“We are facing a considerable backlash that we are listening to, from our own people, about concerns regarding the offshoring and outsourcing of American jobs and opportunities, through these types of arrangements.”

The Cattlemen’s Association is ready, though, for a possible trade deal with London.

“We’re continuing those relationships…making sure that once the USDA and our side is ready, that we can just jump right in and start nailing out the details, and get relations and trade agreements finalized.”

Until those deals are reached, NCBA is working to clear up any misconceptions about U.S. beef production practices.


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