NCGA: Cutting greenhouse gases starts with farmers


Efforts have increased across many industries to cut greenhouse gases and the agriculture industry may need to be a leader in the sustainability field, according to a press release from the National Corn Growers Association.

“There is also a growing awareness throughout the supply chain that any successful initiative will start with farmers,” the release states.

The NCGA’s sustainability director Rachel Orf, who recently attended a D.C. ag conference on the risk of climate change to farmers, retailers and agribusiness. The conference focused on “cross-sector dialogues and collaborative action that can deliver benefits for farmers, consumers and the planet.”

“There is no silver bullet for addressing GHGs and climate change outcomes, but we are working in the right direction,” Orf said. “Throughout the Ag supply chain, from conservation groups to the largest retailers, there is solid agreement that this effort needs to be driven by science. And if it doesn’t work for farmers it doesn’t work at all......“One reoccurring theme is that any successful effort has to start with farmers and work its way up through the system.”