New Opportunities for U.S. Ag Trade

We are just three months into the new year and many new opportunities have been presented to help U.S. ag trade.

The Chief Ag Negotiator details the top marketplace for the country.

“China lifted its cold chain restrictions which had been in place because of the covid pandemic. That movement on January 8th was very critical for us in agriculture. Also, several companies were successful in being re-listed as well for exports. China approved eight new biotechnology traits including six traits that are grown or exported from the U.S. These include several canola, cotton and alfalfa traits,” says McKalip.

Ambassador McKalip also says Japan lifted its beef safeguard restrictions and India has announced several changes to its tariff structure, including reducing pecan and feedstock tariffs and eliminating tariffs on industrial ethanol. The European Union has made advancements in ag trade for wheat, corn, frozen beef, rice and almonds. Ghana has expanded trade markets for the pork industry.

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