No More Guess Work: Specialist developing irrigation decision-making app

A new app will help you focus on drought relief from your phone.

High temperatures and low moisture caused struggles across the board. So an irrigation specialist helped climate experts develop a new decision making app.
The goal is to help Louisiana producers with environmental and economic aspects of water management.

According to Stacia Conger with LSU AgCenter, “Our other goals with this project are to have a producer-led advisory process and then the last goal is to bring together the scientific community. So, we are going to be reaching out to climate specialist and other people working in the area of irrigation and drought, and bring together a lot of those resources that maybe California is already working in that area with their severe drought issues but Louisiana hasn’t really been exposed to their science. So, we want to bring all of that together and learn from them as well.”

The goal is to have the app fully released before the next growing season in Louisiana.