Northwest hay improves after a slow start

The 2020 hay season is picking up steam in the northwest after a slow start for many farmers.

In Washington state, the Hay Growers Association says that cooler temperatures and rainy conditions this spring made for a challenging first cut for several operations whether it was grass, Timothy, or alfalfa. However, in the last couple of weeks things have turned around.

“The weather has been great. There’s been little to moderate dew, or little to no dew at night and it’s made for some pretty looking hay. So, that’s at least a bonus, a bit of a rebound from what it was before,” Andrew Eddy, Vice President of the Washington Hay Growers Association said.

The first cutting went well, but the second is more hit-or-miss. Eddie added that prices are strong and the demand is there, but he is concerned if it will hold for the rest of the year.