One set of rules for Oklahomans and Native American tribes

The Oklahoma Commission on Cooperative Sovereignty says that there needs to be one set of rules for all Oklahomans and Native American tribes.

They were assigned to assess and make recommendations after the Supreme Court McGrit vs. Oklahoma ruling.

Since 1907, the state has been operating as if there were no reservations, but the Supreme Court says that the reservations were never disestablished and are still Native American land.

It put regulations for taxes, crimes, and education all in uncertain territory.

According to Governor Kevin Stitt, “We’re all Oklahomans. The Unemployment Commission has already spent $144 million dollars, just since January, on tribal members, but they’re Oklahomans and that’s what we should do. We can’t just because of your race, you can’t have a different set of rules to play by.”

He says that there have already been class action lawsuits to recoup fines for Native Americans across the state. The commission recommends establishing one set of rules across the state for everyone.


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