Perfect Storm: Florida’s rainy forecast could eliminate drought concerns

The Sunshine State could be cloudy and wet this weekend but USDA Meteorologist Brad Rippey says that will provide growers with some much-needed relief from drought.

“Showery weather in Florida from a drought standpoint, that’s really good news. We had seen some seriously dry conditions developing over the last two to three months, especially from the north of Tampa Bay southward to around Naples. Some of those areas had really been dry with even some wildfires developing in recent weeks, so this is all good news for easing or eradicating the drought across Florida’s peninsula. It is the traditional start of Florida’s wet season. A lot of times that wet season begins right around Memorial Day, and after that, you can expect almost daily showers in Florida, especially where the sea breeze interacts with land masses across south Florida.

Rippey says areas of eastern Florida could receive up to six inches of rain over the weekend.