Petition filed for common sense solutions for ag worker housing

The Oregon Farm Bureau filed a petition to OSHA over worker housing.

It says that the ag industry wants common sense solutions when it comes to farm labor housing and protecting workers from COVID-19.

The Oregon Farm Bureau says that it sent documentation to state leaders when the pandemic started, but the efforts have been ignored.

Ag leaders hope their petition will get the governor’s attention.

According to Samantha Bayer, “Agricultural employers are willing to walk the walk, when it comes to protecting the people that live and work on their farms. They really do care, and if they’re allowed a seat at the table, they are going to help problem solve and they’re going to come up with really good ideas. So, I hope moving forward Oregon-OSHA will really seriously consider all of the ideas put forth by housing providers.”

She says that the emergency rules limit housing on farms, which ironically pushes farm workers into unsafe environments and puts them at a greater risk for being exposed to COVID.