Pigeons in cowboy hats spotted around Las Vegas

Screenshot via Facebook/Bobby Lee

It looks like everyone in Las Vegas is in the National Finals Rodeo spirit. Even the pigeons.

Facebook user Bobby Lee shared a video on Thursday of two pigeons in Las Vegas wearing seemingly perfectly fitted red and pink cowboy hats.

“The birds have hats on, bro!” He exclaims in the video.

Although the rodeo is in town, a PRCA spokesperson said they have nothing to do with the hats.

According to Lofty Hopes, a “pigeon positive” group based in Las Vegas, the hats were glued to the heads of the pigeons.

“Lofty Hopes located Cluck Norris (the name they gave one of the pigeons) today. We are attempting to trap him to remove the hat from his head. It’s obviously glue because it has stayed on for several days now and there are loose feathers caught in the glue between the hat and his head,” the organization shared on Facebook. “Once trapped we will figure out how to safely remove it or decide if we will wait until he/she molts.”