Police, Fire Department run stadium steps on 9/11


In Lincoln, Nebraska, police and firefighters have not forgotten their fellow first responders who died in the the attacks on 9/11.

This year about 20 participants, including the Lincoln Police Chief, ran the steps at Memorial Stadium, the Nebraska football team’s 90,000 seat venue.

Some wore kevlar vests and firefighting gear and this was the first year the departments commemerated Patriot Day in the stadium. They also had a Patriot Day ceremony outside the stadium.

“The most noble way to honor the 9/11 heroes is not simply to run a few stairs one day a year but to strive to live a life of heroic virtue,” one officer told 1011 News. “We run the stairs with the hope that the rest of our lives and careers will embody the bravery and sacrifice they demonstrated in their last moments.”