Police officers save horse struggling in ditch


A 16-year-old horse was stuck in a ditch, struggling in the mud and wrapped in barbed wire when the Muldrow Police Department in Oklahoma stepped into help.

The officers were able to loop rope under the horse’s leg, roll him over and help him right himself.

“He was actually pretty calm. I really think he may have thought he was not long for the world. He was really calm,” said Assistant Chief Tim Keith told KTUL.

The officers were tipped off on the struggling horse by a local mail carrier.

“Thank goodness for the call, us being able to get him up, and the loving care his owner gave him when we got him to the barn,” the department said on Facebook.

The horse’s owner Candace Armstrong thanked the police for their help on social media and let the public know the horse, named Mars, was doing well.

“Happy to report Mars had a good night and is out in the sun this morning with his herd munching fresh hay! We have him on meds for pain and antibiotics just in case to avoid any infections,” she said.