Political Fireball: NASDA is calling for ag labor reform

Labor challenges have been a persistent issue in the ag industry, and groups like NASDA have long been calling for reform. Despite it being an election year, they are hopeful to make good on some priorities and bring both sides to the table.

“Labor reform has become, I will call it, almost a political fireball in many ways. Being a nonpartisan agricultural trade association that has membership from both Republicans and Democrats, NASDA has been able to come together and and support a variety of different reforms for H-2A. What we’re hopeful to do is be able to continue those conversations with both the House and Senate and really reduce that political fireball. Maybe lower the temperature, become a hot potato, maybe a little bit easier to handle between members of Congress,” said RJ Karney.

The Department of Labor recently put out a new rule surrounding H-2A visa workers, saying they offer greater protections. It includes allowing them to invite guests into their housing and clarifies how a worker can be fired, and requires more transparency around the recruitment process. Seat belts will also be required in worker transportation vehicles.

Those rules begin June 28th.