President Biden might need to take military action in Ukraine; EU offers their ports for Ukrainian grain

Time for the U.S. to intervene? The American General, who is poised to take over at NATO, says President Biden may need to take military action in Ukraine.

General Christopher Cavoli says if Russia continues to block Ukrainian grain exports, it could enable terrorist groups in other places as they stand to benefit from leveraging food insecurity. He says American military intervention could be one of the only solutions to get food out of Ukraine and keep global markets stable as the war escalates.

Right now, 22 million tons of grain are backed up at Ukrainian ports, but there is some positive movement of Ukrainian grains with 200,000 megatons of corn exports leading the way last week.

Now, European Union countries say their ports can be utilized for transport, but there is an issue with unloading and reloading trains at the border to get it to them. Ukraine’s Ag Minister says the country can only resume exports form ports if they have military escorts and a bigger supply of weapons.


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