President Biden to meet with lawmakers to find compromise for infrastructure plan

President Biden pushes back on claims that his infrastructure package is too large.

He says that he will be holding meetings with both Republicans and Democrats in the next several weeks to work on finding a compromise for the legislation.

Critics of the plan have said that it contains too many provisions that are not related to traditional infrastructure, but the President challenged lawmakers to ask constituents what they need.

“Ask folks in rural America, where more than 35 percent of the people lack a reliable high-speed internet, limiting their ability to conduct business or engage in remote learning for their schools,” the President states. “Ask them if investing in internet access will lead to better jobs in town, new markets for farmers, and better opportunities for their kids.”

The American Jobs Plan includes $100 billion for broadband and calls for lifting barriers that prevent municipalities and rural electric cooperatives from having a level playing field with private providers.


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