President Trump Cuts Red Tape To Help America’s Economic Recovery

President Trump orders sweeping deregulations in an effort to jumpstart economic recovery in rural America. The President invited some people directly impacted by the new rules to the White House on Thursday.

President Trump signed an executive order that directs federal agencies to reduce the amount of red tape or have it temporarily waived to promote job creation and economic growth. In addition to cutting regulations, the President’s order instructs cabinet agencies to consider exercising appropriate temporary enforcement discretion for the good of the recovery.

One of those actions helps deregulate telehealth resources during COVID-19. For Dr. Amy Johnson, a family nurse practitioner in Virginia, its a big benefit. Dr. Johnson states, “There are many, many rural areas throughout the United States where access to primary care is sparse, much less specialty services like mental healthcare... A large part of our population is older and not as technologically savvy. As we worked through those hiccups... we found that they actually really liked it and really enjoyed it, because it did decrease their risk of coming in. Their uncertainty with telehealth was overcome by their fear of being exposed to something.”

President Trump also signed the Modernized National Environment Policy Act. It is further deregulation that will accelerate the environmental review and permitting process for development of modern, resilient infrastructure, management of our federal land and waters, and restoration of our environment. He also took action on the Clean Water Act.