Priorities for the 2023 Farm Bill from leading agriculture groups

Hearings around the country are underway for the 2023 Farm Bill and industry leaders are releasing their policy priorities for the legislation.

The American Farmland Trust released their advocacy platform and it is focused on supporting farmers and ranchers in three different ways: protecting their land from development, combating climate change and helping a diverse new generation of farmers have better access to land and business opportunities.

The United Soybean Board is also weighing in on what they want to see in the Farm Bill. The group has approved $123 million to work towards their priorities and is focused on innovation and technology, health and nutrition and infrastructure and connectivity. For instance, the group wants to grow demand for high oleic soybean production and further soy’s role in the clean energy movement.

The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association‘s priorities are based on producer input from the group’s summer business meeting. Some of them include: protecting animal health from foreign diseases, strengthen risk management programs against weather events and price decline and supporting disaster recovery programs.


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