Progressive Beef shows record growth in 2019


At the end of 2018, there were just 21 Progressive Beef feed lots. As of January of 2020, there are 60 throughout the country, primarily in the Midwest and Pacific Northwest.

The number of cattle certified in the program has also doubled year-over-year.

Progressive Beef is a quality management system that focuses on cattle care, food safety and sustainability.

“Today’s consumers want to know where their beef comes from and that the cattle were raised with care,” Progressive Beef CEO John Butler told AgWeb. “Progressive Beef certifies that participating feedlots meet strict standards for cattle care, environmental sustainability, and process control. We are excited about the program’s growth and the opportunity it creates to deliver more beef to retail and foodservice operators that exceeds consumers’ expectations of how their food was raised.”

Nearly 4 million cattle will be cared for at Progressive Beef feedlots this year.