Protecting the Power Grid from cyberattacks

With recent attacks on our supply chain, many are wondering what might be next. An attack on a power grid would be devastating and one trade group says that it will work to improve security measures.

The American Public Power Association says that standards have always been mandatory and enforced, and while it is working with the Energy Department to improve security, more needs to be done.

The partnership with the DOE has helped the industry learn how to mitigate risk.

So far, there has never been a cyberattack in the U.S. that resulted in the lights going out. APPA hopes by evolving and managing risk, they can keep that track record intact.

During a meeting with business leaders, Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm discussed the importance of updating the power grid and pointed to the President’s American Jobs Plan as a way to increase funding.

According to Secretary Granholm, “The plan is going to invest hundreds of billions of dollars to, for example, modernize our electrical grid, to make that grid run on clean power, and improve the resilience of the grid for those who are in extreme climate-prone areas or the cybersecurity of the grid. That’s investing in infrastructure.”

She also discussed the initiative to build half a million electric vehicle charging stations along interstates and highways as part of the goal to transition to cleaner energy.


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