Quilt in a Day

Over thirty years ago, Eleanor Burns introduced her first “Quilt in a Day” book and by doing so, cultivated a quilt-making revolution. Her unique style includes a diverse combination of cutting and sewing applications and the creation of new techniques altogether. Burn’s quilt books and quilt patterns teach a wide variety of quilt techniques: strip piecing, applique, scrap quilting, crazy quilts, paper piecing and piecing stars, triangles and squares. Viewers find numerous quilt border treatments, methods to bind a quilt, tie a quilt, layer a quilt, miter a binding corner and so much more. Many of her quilt books and quilt patterns are featured within the program. They contain yardage and cutting instructions for a variety of quilts. The quilting techniques viewers learn replace scissors and templates with rips and strips, bringing rotary speed to patchwork.

Burn’s “Quilt in a Day” series on RFD-TV is always fresh and filled to the brim with her latest methods. She takes great care to both inspire and instruct quilters of all levels. RFD-TV viewers who watch her program feel as if they are sitting-in on a quilting bee because of her down-to-earth style and comfort in front of the camera. She has incorporated the “Quilt in a Day” technique with traditional quilt patterns, making even some of the most intricate designs simple and easy to accomplish. This key element contributes to her longevity in the quilting business and also makes her shows as timeless as the quilts she constructs. Burn’s instructions are balanced between the teaching of fundamentals, history and the traditions of quilting that she communicates through her unique and fun-loving humor.

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Quilt In A Day

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