Recent Cattle Fax report is leaving producers with some optimism for the future

Western cattle producers are responding to the latest Cattle Fax report, which points to strong demand and higher prices.

It is giving them confidence for the future, as profitability is expected to improve.

Idaho Cattle Association’s Cameron Mulrony says that it is not just good news for producers, but also, the restaurant industry is still trying to recover from the pandemic.

“I am optimistic as things open back up and restaurants are allowed to go back and that’s just going to create more demand for product within our industry... Some of the higher-end cuts that go to the restaurant industry have seen a little hit in this downturn. I’m optimistic; I think that things will come back and remain strong, the world wants U.S. beef, including U.S. consumers,” Mulrony explains.

According to Open Table, restaurant dining in the U.S. is still about 30 percent below that of 2019.


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