Record Yields Gone in an Instant: Hail wrecks fields in eastern Washington

Weather is wreaking havoc on crops this year. We have seen everything from extreme heat and drought to major flooding.

In eastern Washington, recent storms brought strong winds, heavy rains, and hail to some fields. Marci Green is a farmer and board member for the Washington Association of Wheat Growers. She says that some areas were hit very hard.

“On our farm, we’ve never had a hail claim, ever, on our farm. And there were fields that were just completely flattened, wheat fields. And a lot that all the heads were shattered out and broken off... I mean, we had a good crop out there. I mean, people were looking at record yields this year, and so, to have those just disappear in an instant is very frustrating and discouraging, but that’s how the farming game works,” she explains.

It was not just wheat that was damaged, Green says lentils and garbanzo beans were also impacted.


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